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Classified Information Now Safe Onboard With Alpha Safe’s new Shipboard Security Container

March 13, 2020 – Alpha Safe is pleased to announce the newest addition to it’s line of GSA approved, Class 6 security containers - the Alpha Safe Shipboard Security Container.

Building upon the features and benefits of their popular 2-drawer, 4-drawer, and 5-drawer class 6 security containers, Alpha Safe’s Shipboard Container has added structural enhancements and provides a built-in steel base allowing for a variety of attachment methods directly to the surface of the ship.

Alpha Safe’s Shipboard Security Container meets Federal Specification AA-F-358J which affords the following protection:
- Resistance to high impact shipboard shock test (MIL-S-901)
- 30 man-minutes against covert entry
- 20 man-hours against surreptitious entry
- No forced entry requirement

Alpha Safe’s Shipboard Container now allows all U.S. Navy and Coast Guard vessels to stay compliant and meet the requirement by the Secretary of the Navy that all classified storage must be in GSA approved Shipboard security containers by 2021.

“By utilizing everything that makes Alpha Security Containers outstanding and keeping all of the Alpha Advantages, we created the Alpha Shipboard Security Container – it’s Fantastic!” - Katherine Levy, President.

For our Defense Contractor customers, please call us at 1-866-353-7233(SAFE), option 1 so we can assist you in procuring a new GSA Approved Security Container.