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GSA Approved Locks for Security Containers

All GSA Approved Class 6 Security Containers must use locks that meet current Federal Specification FF-L-2740. The Qualified Products List for this Specification authorizes the use of both KABA‘s X-09 locks and Sargent & Greenleaf‘s 2740 locks on GSA Approved containers.

Locks Approved for Class 6 Security Containers:
You now have a CHOICE of the lock(s) on your security containers. We are happy to provide you with either lock. We make it easy to get the lock you want. We have assigned a suffix to the end of our product numbers which determines the lock type. Feel confident that when you order an Alpha Safe Container it will come with the lock you want.

KABA X-09 lock S&G 2740 lock
Click here to download KABA PDF Spec Sheet Click here to download S&G PDF Spec Sheet

Lock Approved for use on Class 6 Field Safes and on containers in Tactical Vehicles:

Federal Specifications FF-L-2937 and AA-F-358 allow for S&G’s 2937 lock to be used on Field Safes and containers for Tactical Vehicles only. S&G 2740 lock

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