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GSA Approved Locks for Security Containers

All GSA Approved Class 6 Security Containers must use locks that meet current Federal Specification FF-L-2740B. The Qualified Products List for this Specification authorizes the use of both KABA‘s X-10 locks and Sargent & Greenleaf‘s 2740B locks on GSA Approved containers.

Locks Approved for Class 6 Security Containers:
You now have a CHOICE of the lock(s) on your security containers. We are happy to provide you with either lock. Whether you want a Style I Self-Generated KABA X-10 lock installed on your Security Container or a Style II Battery-Generated Sargent & Greenleaf 2740B lock, Alpha Safe has the right lock for you. Feel confident that when you order an Alpha Safe Container it will come with the lock you want.

KABA X-10 lock S&G 2740B lock
Style I KABA X-10
Click here to download KABA PDF Spec Sheet
Style II S&G 2740B
Click here to download S&G PDF Spec Sheet

Lock Approved for use on Class 6 Field Safes and on containers in Tactical Vehicles:

Federal Specifications FF-L-2937 and AA-F-358 allow for S&G’s 2937 lock to be used on Field Safes and containers for Tactical Vehicles only. S&G 2740 lock

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