No Exemptions - New Ordering Procedures
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General specifications and features for ordering Alpha Safe Security Containers

  • Must be on Current Federal Supply Schedule and GSA’s QPL AA-F-358
  • Must meet Federal Specification AA-F-358-J for Class 6 Security Cabinets and Federal Lock Specification FF-L-2740
  • Must be manufactured with 11 gauge heavy duty steel outer case with full steel construction and integral base
  • Must have drawers with integral file rails for hanging folders and room for their tabs
  • Must have the ability to store legal and letter hanging folders in the same drawer
  • Must include form holders for SF 700 and SF 702 and an open/closed sign
  • Must be a new unit not used or refurbished
  • Must be finished with textured powder coat paint
  • Must have slave drawers with squeeze handle drawer release (no thumb latches)
  • Must have locking mechanism to allow a slave drawer to open when the control drawer is closed and unlocked

Additional information on GSA Approved security containers.

To request further information about security containers, please call 1-866-353-7233(SAFE) or submit a request online.

Testimonial from an Alpha Safe Client
“The term ‘partner’ is often over used in business, but in the case of our organization and our OEM’s, such as Alpha Safe and truly applies. Our combined GSA authorized products protect the government’s most sensitive material. This is a responsibility we both take very seriously.”
- D.C., Product Manager